Small summer houses

Small summer houses Then you should know that Woodpro is the garden house specialist when it comes to custom-made garden house purchases at an attractive price. Woodpro only uses high quality wood from pressure impregnated spruce, douglas fir or red cedar.

Our spruce wood is of high quality. It comes from northern countries with a cold climate. Because of this cold climate the trees grow slower. This results in finer annual rings, which ensures an even and strong structure of the wood.

We dry the wood back to approximately 14-16% to prevent deformation. Because we make our own wood to measure, the wood parts fit together exactly to the millimetre. We produce wind- and waterproof corner joints, for both summerhouses and log cabins.

A garden house for every wish a suitable solution

Every garden requires a different approach and we are aware of that. With us you will not only find a very extensive choice in different sizes or cheap log cabins, but we also offer the possibility to have your log cabin made to measure, for example from Woodpro.

We also supply wooden garages in standard sizes, but it is also possible to order a made-to-measure wooden garage from Grandcasa, for example. A maintenance-free garden house made of metal or plastic that you no longer have to worry about after installation, simply tailor your choice to your wishes and requirements.

After all, a maintenance-free garden house or a log cabin should make your stay in the garden more pleasant and atmospheric. Hobbyists can indulge themselves while gardening in a garden greenhouse. Modern or classically designed, the greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden.

Insulated garden office

A log cabin or maintenance-free insulated garden office can be completely integrated into the design of the garden and offers the possibility to clearly store garden furniture, tools and other garden accessories in the log cabin. In addition, a large log cabin with a flat roof, or a log cabin with a saddle roof with or without a roof can be used as a guesthouse. This also applies to a maintenance-free garden shed or small log cabin.

Furthermore, by installing a canopy separately or in combination with a log cabin, an attractive outdoor space can be created. Of course, a beautiful glass greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden, but if you have no space for this and still want to grow vegetables on a small scale, it is advisable to place a small cultivation tunnel. A wooden garage is not only practical, but made of wood gives a natural look that fits nicely into the design of any garden.

About Lugarde

Bertus Wuestman, the founder of Lugarde, worked as a thatcher with his father when he was young. Soon customers asked him if he could supply not only reeds, but also a garden shed. In 1978 Bertus developed a little house with a thatched roof. This was followed by many other houses, with other roof coverings as well. Meanwhile, Lugarde has grown into a company with hundreds of garden sheds and roofs.

Bertus still works within Lugarde. Daughter Andrea and son Thomas are also active within the company. Andrea Wuestman has been director-owner since 2016. The garden sheds Prima Andrea and Prima Thomas are named after them. In the office and in production, around 80 employees work daily for Lugarde customers.